The importance of psychological health; achieving psychological wellness through kayaking

Psychological health is very important. Many times people tend to focus on physical health and forget that psychological health is also important. Psychological health is fundamental in the overall wellbeing of an individual. Without

Affordable kayaks, a look at the Sevylor Fiji Inflatable kayak

At 10ft 4 inches long when fully inflated and with an intricately decorated appearance the sevylor Fiji inflatable kayak is an example of beauty and functionality put together. This beauty comes at an affordable

The evolution of kayaks from the traditional seal skin kayaks to modern inflatable kayaks

Kayaks were originally built and utilized widely by the early inhabitants of the arctic in the Northern spheres mainly for hunting for food. They were ingeniously crafted from locally available products like animal hide,

Kayaking and fishful thinking

When I was young, I enjoyed going out fishing with my grandfather and his friends. At times, it was on their boats and other times we would just go to fish by the riverbanks

Managing air pressure in an inflatable kayak

Inflatable kayaks are light, durable, stable and easily portable compared to the hard-shell kayaks. They are most suited for recreational use for both beginners and skilled kayakers owing to their wide range of benefits.

Important points to consider when choosing the best fishing kayaks

Fishing kayaks are mainly built for fishing activities. While it is true that one can fish from any kayak, an experienced angler would have a different opinion. Recreational kayaks, tour kayaks and other types

Is Sleep Holding You Back?

Prenatal vitamins are crucial for a woman who is pregnant or looking to become pregnant. They keep the body healthy and strong as well as your unborn child. More often than not, women are

Understanding Cat Love

There is a plant called Cat Grass (Avena sativia) or more frequently, the oat. This name is not frequently used in the non-cat world. This plant is used for cat nutrition, like catnip (Neptia

When to Seek Help for Dog Shedding

Is your dog shedding? If yes, then obviously you start getting worried about it. And if you are noticing that your dog is shedding, then you have o take a look at on your

Friendliest Friends in the World

There are many friendly toy dog breeds that are there in the world today. Some of them include: the Labrador retriever which is a strongly built athletic dog. It has a short coat that

Cats: A Flea Trap

Cat distemper is very contagious. However, it cannot be passed to human beings. A cat will contract this virus as soon as it comes into contact with contaminated stool from another infected cat. This

The Vice of Vines for Dogs

Grapes and raisins are very toxic to dogs. Symptoms that dogs tend to exhibit after ingestion are; first, the dog will first vomit and then after a couple of hours there will be diarrhea,

Human Food: Toxic for Dogs

There are many human foods that we think might be safe for our dogs, but in fact it isn’t. For example, chocolate is harmful to dogs. What makes chocolate to be toxic to dogs

Treating K9 Distemper

Canine distemper is a viral disease that can be found among dogs all over the world. It can affect all areas of the dog’s body and can also be fatal. Is it usually transmitted

How To Choose The Right Facial Hair Style For You

So you look in your shaving mirror one day and think “I fancy a change, a new look”. Then you get to wondering which route to choose. a goatee or a full beard. A

Harvesting the power of the sun

It’s a big world. Every inch of it gets to see the sun at some point. The big, vibrant, warm, energy giving star closest to earth is the planets source of light and heat.

The new Tesla model

There are a lot of electric cars on the market, but few excite the way that the new Telsa models do. These are premium electric cars that are becoming quite popular with celebrities and

Cool Travel Ideas For The Summer

1. Vieques, Puerto Rico Vieques, Puerto is a Caribbean tropical island that is different from many other similar islands. The majority of the beaches there are in areas that are undeveloped, so it is